Sunday, December 30, 2012

Horse Drawn Birthday Carriage !

Here Is Brenda Lee Last September Driving Her Black Beauty Horse Max-A-Million While Picking Up Birthday Girl And Her Family In Front Of Her House In Franklin TN In Our Beautiful Royal Purple Visa=Vie Carriage . She Was Getting Ready To Drive Them In The Horse Drawn Carriage To There Church In Down Town Franklin ,

Horse Drawn Special Event Carriage !

He We Were Last September At The T.S.U Homecoming Parade With Our Beautiful Royal Purple Visa-Vie Horse Drawn Carriage That Mrs.Mary Bell Witherspoon Turned Into A Beautiful Horse Drawn Carriage Float Without The Horse We Pulled Her Daughter T.S.U Student Maria C. Witherspoon ( President ) With A Truck , As She Rode In The Horseless Horse Drawn Carriage That We Put On A Flat Bed Trailer And Her Mom Turned It Into A Beautiful Carriage Float.

Horse Drawn Wedding Carriage !

Here We Are Last September Where We Took A Photo Of The Lovely Bride And Groom While They Were Sitting In Our Beautiful Wood Grain Horse Drawn Wedding Carriage Waiting For Brenda Lee To Drive Them Away ..

Horse Drawn Hearse !

  Here We Are Last September Where We Used Our White Horse Pretty Boy Flint And Our Beautiful Horse Drawn Hearse As We Did A Funeral At Lewis And Wright Spring Hill Cemetery . As You Can See Family And Friends Walk Behind The Horse Drawn Hearse As We Drive There Loved One To There Final Resting Place .