Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TBN Thank you Letter to Sugar Creek Carriages

Thanks for the great letter of recommendation from TBN ---it was fantastic working with you!!!!

Dear Johnny and Brenda Smith (Sugar Creek Carriages), 
I wanted to personally thank you for coming out and offering free carriage rides to our guest and visitors of Trinity Music City, USA. On the nights of December 17 and 18 2011 . The horse and carriage was a majestic sight,and our guest thoroughly enjoyed the special treatment-you could see it on each and every face. From the time you arrived here until you left to go back home,the professionalism displayed by you and your staff was greatly appreciated. It was a great experience for us and we hope for you,as well . Again, thank you for blessing Trinity Music City,USA. 
And all of our guest. And visitors. 
We appreciate you and your staff ! 
Russell Hall 
General Manager 
Trinity Music City,, USA.